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What defines a Lebanese restaurant? 

Is it a specific hummus recipe?  Perhaps a tabouli recipe? Is it fifty mezza items on the menu or on your table? Does the waiter have to wear a fez and say “Habibi”? 

In my opinion, the answer is deeper.  A Lebanese restaurant draws specifically from the Lebanese culture and heritage, and more broadly from the Southern Mediterranean culture which Lebanon is part of geographically.

It’s a culture defined by the love of life, love of hospitality, and an authentic lifestyle where time runs a bit slower than the rest of the world.  

Naturally food is a big part of that culture.  Food provides nourishment and enjoyment, but also brings people together and makes life better. 

In 2014, I started Falasophy because I wanted to bring a part of that Mediterranean culture to Orange County where I lived. I couldn’t afford a restaurant, so I started a food truck serving only…you guessed it…falafel.  And, therein, the “Falafel Chariot” was born. 

Back then we only served falafel, but the Mediterranean ethos was present from the start and continues to this day. Our branding and personality are upbeat and all about fun and enjoyment.  From day one, we have worked to make our food as authentic as possible for our customers. We have always served only items that we love ourselves, and items that I would specifically serve my two kids. 

From the beginning, my team and I have tried very hard to make the best food we can, use the best ingredients available, and make the dishes as good as possible (to our detriment, thinking only about cost later  ). Olive oil is used extensively in everything, along with antibiotic-free chicken, tri-tip cuts of steak for our shawarma, and tenders for kababs. When we do not make something from scratch it is because there is clearly a better alternative (like ketchup, for example).  We are always working on and improving our dishes and offerings. 

And in our efforts, we hope to bring you some of the Mediterranean culture in its appreciation for good food, hospitality, and love of life. 


Rashad Moumneh

Founder & Chief Falasopher