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An Arabic proverb says that “A man in a hurry is already dead.”

To enjoy the slow-simmered, savory, and sweet Tagine is a celebration of life! 

Many associate the word tagine with a meal, but it actually refers to both the legendary North African stew and the cone-shaped pot that it’s cooked in. A tagine is a two-piece set with a round and shallow base topped by an elegant cone, tapering at its tallest point with a knob that also serves as a handle to check on what’s inside. Tagines are similar to Dutch ovens, used to slow-cook savory stews and vegetable dishes. By virtue of slow cooking at low temperatures, the steam rises up into the cone, condensates, and falls back into the dish, continuously basting the ingredients to cook meats and vegetables to buttery tenderness. The end result is an incredibly flavourful meal.

Some believe that the use of ceramics in Moroccan cooking is probably of Roman influence; as they were known for their portable ceramic ovens and likely brought that tradition to the Berbers, North Africa’s first inhabitants during their rule. Others date the tagine back to Harun al Rashid, a late 8th century ruler of the Islamic empire. Either way, the first appearance of recipes cooked tagine-style appeared in the 9th century in the publication The Thousand and One Nights. 

The recipe for tagine has evolved through history with delicacies such as olives, dates, nuts and spices brought over by Arab and Ottoman invaders, and Moorish refugees from Andalusia. This savory stew is built using chicken or meat, poultry or fish cooked  with vegetables and layered with aromatics, spices, and dried fruits. As the mixture cooks, a stew-like consistency develops, making a rich, flavorful sauce that is often scooped up with bread. 

Gratitude never rushes.

Our slow cooking process infuses the meat with rich incredible flavors that awaken the palate as soon as you take a bite. You can order two classic tagines made rich with bright natural flavors and succulent tenderness for heat-and-serve at home. Our slow-braised Chicken is seasoned in a blend of saffron and ginger, with preserved lemons and olives that bring forth a bite. The bone-in Lamb Shank is bathed in Chermoula, accented with sweet freshness of figs and green apples. Serve these on a platter accompanied by Lemon Garlic Potatoes or individual plates atop a bed of Couscous with Roasted Vegetables.

Ready for the ultimate comfort food to enjoy with your family and friends?

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