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Plato's Kitchen by Falasophy

In Plato’s kitchen we get to experiment a bit more and play with recipes we love. Dishes that simmer and roast, and slow cook, incorporating flavors and ingredient inspired from the levant and the southern Mediterranean. It goes beyond what’s on the Falasophy menu. Some of the dishes were inspired from our favorite Mediterranean restaurants, some we discovered in our favorite cook books, Some we got from grandmas and family recipes growing up and a good amount come from the Falasophy team with their own unique experience and cooking styles incorporated.

All the meals are heat & serve, provided to you chilled with typically a one step process to heat (usually in the oven). We will also be creating meal kits here and there, such as BBQ kits were you can fully cook the items at home as well for an amazing family meal. 

Contactless Delivery windows between 4 pm and 6 pm for $8.95

Pick up in-Store or Curbside at our Irvine Restaurant at 920 Spectrum Center Drive, Irvine Ca. 

Please use the form below to order for delivery or pick up.  

or call / text (949) 345 5018, or e-mail

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